Eggland Mandala

Here are two old paintings that I painted about 5 years ago that I want to share with you. My records of them on file on my laptop says the date they were taken was 2012 – however, they were definitely painted a few years before that. They’re both oil paintings and titled “Eggland Mandala”.

At the time, I painted a series of these – some smaller than these two. I painted some larger paintings at the time too but they were of a slightly different subject/design, but still of a similar style/execution. These two are the best two of the lot I think. There’s a couple more around somewhere that are good, but I’m not too sure where they are atm.

These paintings were inspired by a trip to a Vietnamese veg restaurant where the waitress said/described a particular dish on display as being “Eggland”. She obviously meant eggplant, and she probably did say eggplant, but I somehow heard eggland, lol. :D This incident sparked a creative idea/vision – a Yayoi Kusama/pop/surreal inspired world. A land of eggs – in this case, a mandala of eggs/circles.

I hope you get them and like them like I did/do. They were painted/intended to assist in meditation. However, not long after finishing some of them, a Buddhist artist colleague mentioned/asked me if whilst painting them, they assisted me in my own meditation. I didn’t really think about it until he had asked me, and to be honest, I think that they did! :D

These two oil paintings are still available for sale, so please feel free to inquire about them before they are sold to the next smart/wise collector/dealer/investor, or lost and forgotten somewhere, somehow. I’m pretty confident that they’ll make a great investment and will become extremely valuable one day! :D If not, then at least they’ll brighten up your room/home and hopefully assist you with your mediation/concentration too, even if by accident.


Eggland Mandala #1


Eggland Mandala #2

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